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The city of Vancouver, WA

The city of Vancouver in Washington, USAWe consider ourselves very lucky that we have the privilige to serve such a great city as Vancouver, WA with our mobile mechanic services. We are also local people who have been living here for a while and we are part of the local community who is so close to our heart. We truly believe that this is such a special place in the country and we just would not want to live anywhere else. Every day we are grateful that we can serve the people living here with our essential services. If you have not been in our city so far, here we have gathered some interesting information if you would like to know more about Vancouver, WA. In case you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us, we will be happy to assist you with more information. 

Some facts about the city of Vancouver, WA:

Our city is located in the state of Washington at the banks of the Columbia river. We can be considered a suburb of Portland, OR. 

We are the county seat of Clark County. 

We are regularly on lists of the most liveable cities in the United States. 

The city was first established in 1825 as a fur-trading center. 

The estimated population size of the city is 184,000. 

The largest employer of the city is the PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center with approximately 4000 employees. 

Every summer we organize the Recycled Arts Festival which attracts a large crowd from the US. 

The neighborhoods of the city:

Esther Short
Central Park
Vancouver Heights

Our favorite restaurants in Vancouver:

Rally Pizza

Our favorite sights in Vancouver, WA:

Fort Vancouver
Esther Short Park

If you have not yet visited us, we can tell you that Vancouver, WA is a very pleasant city in the north of the USA. While the weather might be not as friendly as it is in the souther parts of the country, we can tell you that there are many aspects which can compensate for this. Culturally this is a very rich place and also as a city it has a lot of things to offer, especially if you consider that Portland is just a few minutes away from us. Thanks to the many opportunities of the city, there are just so many tourists who decide each year that they want to visit us. In case you are planning your trip here, we can assist you if you require further information about the city. Not to mention that you can always count on us if your car needs some repair jobs, in that case you should definitely contact us. 


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#1 Mechanics in Vancouver, WA

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